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12 March 2011

Mix: Total - "I.S.Y.M.A.L.G.T.S.S.L.C.P.S.P" Mix

Mostly new grime in the mix here from Total. Predominantly instrumentals with some R&G thrown in towards the end. In case you're confused by the ridiculously long title, it stands for (deep breath) "I saw your mum at Ladbroke Grove station smelling like cat piss selling playstation". 'Selling playstation?' Can someone explain that to me please...?

Download here or stream below:

01 Spooky "Over Capacity" (Oil Gang)
02 Royal-T "Hot Ones Remix VIP" (Butterz)
03 Alias & J-Sweet "Marksalias" (Earth 616)
04 JME "Hench (SRC Remix)"
05 Royal-T "Shut The Funk Up"
06 Artek "Furious" (Redefined Avenue)
07 Terror Danjah & Illmana "Screama" (Hardrive)
08 Swindle "Moodswings" (Butterz)
09 Virgo "Boy Better Know" (No Hats No Hoods)
10 SRC "Going Out (Swindle Remix)" (RWINA)
11 Taz "Arterial Girl"
12 Starkey "Holodeck" (Civil Music)
13 Rachet & Jemz "Dopeman"
14 Joker & Terror Danjah "Gully Goon Estate" (Hardrive)
15 Virgo "Megaman"
16 J Beatz "Dutty (Devil Mix)"
17 Swindle feat. Roses Gabor "Spend Is Dough"
18 Mr. Mitch "Handkerchief In My Top Left Pocket" (Redefined Avenue)
19 Royal-T "Orangeade" (Butterz)
20 Mr. Mitch "Centre Court" (Fortified Audio)
21 TRC feat. Miss Fire "Freak In Me"
22 TRC "Into Sync"
23 Terror Danjah feat. Elrae "Down" (Hardrive)
24 Timbaland "Pony" (550)


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