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30 November 2010

The Sun Article: 'Kids study grime MC for GCSEs'

LUCKY schoolkids got a treat when their teacher used a grime MC to help them prepare for their GCSEs.
The ingenious idea came from teacher KATE MEAD, who got children to use JME's Twitter page to create a brainstorm of his idiolect.

"If you're not up to speed on idiolects - in basic terms, it refers to the language used by an individual. Some people's use of launguage is more unique to them than others.
Hence why JME is a good subject, because he really does have his own take on language.
Throughout his career as an MC, the north Londoner has always been known for his emphasis on particular words.
In his early years he used words like 'serious', and helped to popularise the term Boy Better Know - originally used by fellow MERIDIAN CREW member BIG H.
Nowadays catchphrases like Blam! (the title of his latest album) and 'Well well well', as well as his Tweets where he uses the same word in every post for a day, mark him out from other MCs.
Amazingly, the class' other subject was none other than sharp-witted comedian and writer STEPHEN FRY.
Grime stars will have their own panel shows in no time.

I just can see WILEY hosting 9 Out Of 10 Brrraps..."

Source: The Sun.

Even if there are some shocking puns and stupid statements on here like ''In his early years he used words like 'serious''', it's always good to get some positive PR for grime. As sensationalist as The Sun can be, they do cover a lot of grime music so props to them (Marcus Barnes is the most regular grime contributor as well as the writer formally known as Prancehall who provides a variety of content for the The Sun).

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