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8 October 2010

Ra Diggs Faces Life After Brooklyn Drug Arrest

Murda Team emcee Ra Diggs was arrested in Manhattan on Tuesday. Federal officers charged the rapper with narcotics distribution in Brooklyn’s Gowanus housing projects. Authorities have been tracking Diggs, real name Ronald Herron, and eight other men for over two years even using Diggs’ Twitter account and YouTube videos to keep tabs on his activities.

During their investigation, which began in 2008, Federal officers made dozens of undercover buys outside of the Gowanus Houses, the New York Daily News is reporting. Diggs is also being investigated in regards to several open murder cases. The rapper previously beat murder charges in 2002.

Diggs is probably best known for his association with Murda Team, a Rap group which also features Uncle Murda and rising star Waka Flocka Flame. His biggest break may have been his appearance on Waka’s Flockaveli album which was released the same day Diggs was arrested. If convicted the Brooklyn native faces life in prison.

Source: HipHop DX

Another very promising rapper gets sent down for life within a couple of months! First Lil Boosie now Ra Diggs?! In terms of their career this is a couple of notches down from getting killed cos they don't get the fame that follows their _____ [insert form of death]... Ra Diggs and his project with Uncle Murder and Waka Flocka looked very promising. never mind you gotta take the rough with the smooth as we've seen so often in this game...!


  1. Sometimes it rains b4 it shines. God's delays is not God's denials. Right now its pouring for Ra Diggs, get ya rain boots and poncho out, and get ready. If u make it out of the storm, u'll be a stronger more resilient person... internally and extrenally. God bless u black brother.

  2. And God Bless you for these nice strong words of Hope !!!