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22 July 2010

Video/Audio: Skinnyman Appreciation

The revered veteran that is Skinnyman drops some knowledge in the way only HE knows how to do... Duno if I agree with everything he has to say in this instance but the guy's definitely a character and a half and has the same conviction and enthusiasm as he did when I saw him on his 'straight outta jail' tour 8 years ago!

Here's the flyer I've still got from the event, was crazy!

And this is the track! This would be big if it came out today but considering it's from 2001/2 this is fire!!! Honestly less than a handful of UK Hip Hop artists have come by and influenced a generation of London, English and probably Australian MCs in the same way.

Oh and if you're still not convinced then check this banger from a few years later on his 'better late than never' classic album 'Council estate of mind'. Go cop it!

Hopefully we'll see a release of his long spoken about 'council estate of grime' album. This is the only track to have surfaced but is another classic as I'm sure you'll agree. It came out right around the time of the ban on smoking but it seems he's not pissed about the cigarette ban!

To end the Skinny megapost here's sick battle between him and Saint, a succesful Jump off rapper that never got beyond just that.. Don't forget, these bars are from the top of their head (assuming they didn't pre-write apart from the odd line or 2). This is something that doesn't get done too often these days!


  1. YES!

  2. Ragh that get out of Jail gig was 8 years ago!? ... Didnt realise it was that long .. that was a mad night .. it was all filmed too but none of the footage from it ended up on the BBC documentry it was filmed for ..

    If you go to in the downloads theres a Mud Cast which was a 15 min podcast we did for 1xtra .. thats got an unreleased version of Skinnys Str8 Out of Jail ..

    Bless! Reality? (Mud Fam).