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5 April 2009

Gunchester rap

They say it's grim oop naarf.. well take a glimpse of the Manchester (aka gun-chester) rap scene.

Chopps Derby - Back to your yard

"Bare buff subject matter, gangs of drug dealers actin’ rude, rabid pitbulls, badass grime beats, that niche bass sound, Stanley knives, regionalist claptrap, multi-coloured wheelie bins, shot after shot of council estates (somewhere near Moss Side)....

What else could any self respecting 'Bassline' raver want?........"

M16 Productions - Round here da estate
This vids kinda gutter and makes you glad to not live in Moss Side (sorry if you do) but I can't understand a frikkin word of wat the first 2 mcs are saying (nuthin to do with their accent either). I duno if the other 610,000 viewers of this would agree with me tho.

Watch out for the Manchester grime scene tho. It's still in pretty early stages but there are cats like Lyrican and Virus Syndicate who are pushing shit forward and providing some infrastructure for the scene to flourish as is now happening in the good old LDN.


  1. Take your Prokofiev sample "back to Yer Yard"
    M16 ain't got shit on east manny

  2. huge!
    gunchester scene is here..
    chopps cracks me up.