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10 January 2009

2 new grime beef tracks

Rinse - Sending for Jeeday Jaws (or Jeegay jawz as he calls him).
Rinse is definitly an emcee to watch out for in 2009, makin big movements. Rinse's comments on this track: "This is the last you'l hear from me on this matter, im fully uninvolved after this point.
I dont have time for meaningless beef, until the next time i have time for meaningless beef!"

Durty Goodz sending for Wiley.
This is a 7 minute onslaught of sendage to Wiley. DAMN. Dude coulda saved half and made a 2nd beef track! Still, he definitly brings it to Eski Boy good and proper. You gotta wonder what started the beef.. but then considering this coincides with the release of Goodz' latest record, the peices start adding up!

Check Wileys sendage to Goodz.. who won?

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