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23 April 2008

"The song is called what?!"

Lemme get this straight. This song is not posted because of the quality of the song, but purely on a 'wat the fuck' basis. The Florida rap scene (AKA Miami Bass for it's distinctive drum patterns and sounds) is known for it's outlandish sexual content (eg. 2 Live Crew and Khia's tune 'My neck, my back' plus plenty more i'll leave you to discover) and this time it's the girl wondering what the fuck her 'boo' has been sticking his one eyed monster in to while she's waiting for him to come home. This video has pure comical value so I'd take it with a bucket of salt (a pinch just won't do it) and enjoy while feeling sorry for the guys who have to show their parents the video they've contributed to producing.
Riskay feat. Aviance and Real - Smell Yo Dick

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