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17 January 2008

Responsible Parenting: the crackwhore technique

This vid really shows how a woman can have a well paid job AND run a family at the same time! Shouts to E-Baums World on this one.
"A hooker brings her kids to work with her. She is also accused of snorting coke off of her infant child stomach while she breast fed him."

If he cared, that might be his reaction.

Back to the music.. Only a severe cynic would say this guy's not keeping it real.. His name's Jon Lajoie and is a comedian from Canada that could be loosely compared to a comedy version of Mike Skinner. I'm glad I can finally distinguish between a US and Canadian accent (hint: if they sound at all slightly British, but with an American accent, it's probably that they're from the land with a ganja looking maple leaf on the flag). LaJoie's original style would really work if they took the Ali G image from him and replaced with a more backpacker/less bait style. For the free MP3s visit and check out his other videos also... here's part 2 of the track which caught many's attention of him:

And this is the 'part one' of that, pretty similar, less polished.

One more from Jon.. a piss take 'advert' (you know the type, used on many 1990s hip hop skits) criticizing the brain washing effect of the mainstream media...

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