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26 December 2007

Sway and Ian brown on an anti-war tip

Who woulda predicted this? 1st sway apparently signing for Konvict music (Akon's label) then making this trak with Ian Brown from the Stone Roses.. this track and vid is deep, trust. the video seemed a bit over the top at 1st but its clearly well made and theres a twist at the end which 'adds value' to the whole thing...Good to see an unbait (just about!) cross over tho, I think I smell mainstream money...
Sway comes across a bit more thugged out in this vid than normal tho, reminded me of Billy Danze (M.O.P) a bit?!
See how this goes down, wouldn't be surprised if this reached MTV Base/2 tho..
Also check Sways version of Black Boys by Bashy, this one entitled 'Black stars':


  1. sway has just spat over an Ian Brown track and remixed Brown's video for said song. Sway is the most overrated rapper in the UK.

  2. Sway is definatly not overrated, he is one of the best if not the best rapper in the UK, why else would he be championed by so many greats? Check a vid on his myspace called "Who Is Sway" and I think you will find that he is actually underrated for what he has manged to achieve. He has a lot of haters but thats good for business.