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28 March 2012

Audio: Mac Miller Feat Lil Wayne – The Question [review]

OOOHH SNAP!! Ok we all know this Hip Hop thing is over saturated, and in the hustle and bustle of artists trying to “make it” it takes a little something special to break through the pond life...

Mac Miller has done that by simply being a dude with a real sick style bringing tight and intelligent rhyme schemes on thoughtful and party joints alike. Here on ‘The Question’ we find him teaming up with a true heavy weight in the form of young money head honcho Lil Wayne. The track is a laid back roller which makes me wanna jump in my car and bump it loud driving beach side with my seat back and a gangster lean on haha.. It might be just that it’s a baking hot day today but this track just added to my good mood.. BUMP IT LOUD AN GO GET YO LEEEAN ON!!

Review by Suave Debonair

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