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11 May 2008

Wiley talks Rolex, disses The Movement, and generally reigns.

Richard 'Wiley' Kylea talks about his tune Wearing my Rolex to 1xtra's DJ Twin B and also discusses his new album, the meaning of 'commercial grime', and whos going places in grime, and who's not and i'm not talking with any subtly either.

Wiley - Raw & Uncut

And on the subject, check out this clip from the greatest channel to hit TV since BBC1; Current TV, about how the song and dance (literally) that is Rolex Sweep is the grime scene's answer to the Twist and Souljah Boy's crank dat, despite it being unashamedly camp and ripped off of a 90s Costa Del Sol craze. On this occasion the clip is hosted by a Guardian journalist with his ear to the back of the top deck of a bus after school. Shouts to JME's Blog on this one.

1 comment:

  1. wileys new tune isnt even grime stick to grime not dance u get me fam wiley got murced by da movement he aint da king of grime hes just beggin he used to b da king