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26 May 2008

Get this guy an MBE

This clip came about while I was on Fat Lace Magazine's site, in a feature about what emcees do when not rapping called 'Rappers are in Day Jobz' (for those that don't know its a play on the classic KRS ONE track title named "Rappaz R.N. Dainja".
Here Skinnyman describes how he's in a win-win situation when it comes to him dealing with the distribution of illicit substances. Now I ain't a socialist or a communist, or one hoping to bring the system down to their knees (I realized a couple of years back that constantly aiming to do this will only slow me down on my quest for riches)
but I do like Skinny's FUCK YOU mentality to the forces that be, and decided that this had to be broadcast.

Rumours of day jobs amongst other rappers named are:
Kyza - Parking Attendant in Soho
Bashy - Bus Driver in North Weezy (NW London)
Black the Ripper - Sainsburys
Pyrelli - Clarks

Any more half decent suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

On the music tip, apparently Skinnyman is hoping to release his sophomore LP (or something along those lines) named 'Council Estate of Grime' after the success of 'Smokin ban'.

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