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27 October 2010

Review: Maverick Sabre - Run to the roof (produced by Starkey)

'Run to the roof' is a new track from Maverick Sabre's forthcoming mixtape 'Travelling man' and is almost as eclectic as the man himself. A fusion of grime, hip hop and folk; The production is laid down by Starkey; a rapidly rising american grime/dubstep beat-smith who's been putting out beats and remixes since 2005, with his recent collaboration with Badness on 'OK Luv' standing out for me. 

'Run to the roof' kicks off with haunting strings and descends into a bass-heavy pursuit orientated tale about fleeing from the 'sirens breaking silence' (aka the London Met), somewhat reminiscent of Dizzee Rascal's under rated 'Sirens'.  The song has an anxious vibe to it, which is one of the unique trademarks of grime production.

Not a track that can be listened to just once, the chorus provide a sense of relief from the nervous chase. Starkey and Sabre, who seemed destined to work together, digress to provide a smoother input; Starkey showing his US 'golden age' hip-hop influence and Maverick his more melodic vocal input, reflecting on how 'trouble follows' everywhere he goes...

Not one for the charts, but this is well composed and thought out; destined to prove these two talented musicians' worth amongst the elite of the scene.

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